The Route

Our current plan is to pick up our boat in Martinique around late February where we will tidy her up, make her feel like home and ensure that she is fit to sail. We will then travel to St. Maarten where we will begin to extensively outfit her with all of the cruising gear we want (gotta love tax-free islands!). Then our cruise around the Caribbean begins as we visit the various island nations until hurricane season approaches, at which point we will shelter in Trinidad with the hundreds of other cruisers for the duration of the hurricane season (usually about 6 months). After hurricane season we will cruise back up the windward & leeward Caribbean chain enjoying the anchorages we missed on the way down (or re-visiting favourite spots). Late February/early March 2014 we will then point Planet Ocean west en route to the Panama Canal on what will be our longest passage so far with what will hopefully be eight days of smooth trade wind sailing. We will most likely visit the San Blas Islands on the way. After transiting the Panama Canal we will head down to the Galapagos Islands where we will spend a few weeks enjoying the islands and relaxing before our massive 21-25 day passage across the Eastern Pacific Ocean bound for French Polynesia. Our first land fall will be the Marquesas where we will have our long awaited first taste of life in French Polynesia. For the next 7 months we will enjoy cruising west through the South Pacific visiting places like, Tuomotos, Tahiti, Moorea, Bora, Bora, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji & New Caledonia. We will then continue down to Australia most likely making landfall in South Queensland, depending on the timing as the South Pacific cyclone season approaches.

A map with our proposed route

A map with our proposed route

 If you want to know where we are at the moment or where we’ve been. See out travel map which shows our current location in green, our previously visited locations in red and our favourite spots as stars.


2 thoughts on “The Route

  1. Hey Markus, Itinerary sounds great. Unbelievable but Karin and I will be in the Galapagos from the 24th of May until the 1st of June. How awesome if the moons aligned and we were able to meet up there. We’ll follow your progress with interest. Fitzy.

    • G’day Fitzy, We won’t be in the Galapagos until 2014. Have a great time there in May and tell us all the good spots & things to visit there when you suss it out!
      Mate, I FB messaged you – post up that photo you’ve got of us as kids in Paddo.

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