The Crew

Planet Ocean’s crew is the Muller family – Markus, Amber, Jaye (19), Kirana (16) & Xavier (10). This is almost the same crew as 10 years earlier on our mono ‘Surfer Girl’ except of course, everyone is 10 years older 🙂  Last time we also had two great guys and friends as crew on Surfer Girl – Geoff Mackenzie (Stokey) and Lachlan Wilmott (The Great Lachlando). These guys weren’t just crew, they were part of the family and will be sorely missed this time!


Markus – Dad, Skipper, Bossy Pants…..

Markus started travelling after high school, living and working in Europe, Africa, Asia, The Pacific & North America. He has been sailing over 30 years and has worked professionally as a sailing instructor, charter skipper, Boating Officer and running his business Australian Boating College. He has wanted to go cruising again for over 5 years (since the last time in 2003) but doing it with a family and cutting all ties and assets, has been and remains an ongoing challenge.


Amber – Mum, Yoga Guru, the Family Glue….

Amber is originally from England but has also travelled extensively. She spent 9 years living in Bali where she managed her business, Chochok. Yoga and wellbeing are 2 of Amber’s passions and it was during her time in Bali that she trained as a Yoga Instructor. After living in Australia for the past 12 years with Markus & children, Amber is well loved and respected in her local community, especially as a Yoga Instructor. If you happen to be sailing past our anchorage at around 0600, you will see Amber on top of the solid bimini doing Downward Dog, full Lotus raised on finger tips and other Astanga pretzel asanas. Be sure to hail ‘Ahoy there….’


Jaye – Engineering student (deferred), 1st mate, older brother….

Jaye has completed his 1st year at university studying Engineering. The chance to sail the seven seas for 18 months didn’t require any arm twisting. His practical mindset is an asset aboard Planet Ocean. Jaye often comes up with fixes & solutions to minor maintenance issues. Jaye is also the ship’s photographer, videographer and blog master. He is also a bit of a cruising rarity as 19 year olds are scarce in the cruising fraternity….


Kirana – High school student, middle child and resident artist….

Kirana is missed by her many friends back home but has embraced the cruising lifestyle. She loves the water, snorkelling, shell collecting and doing artwork. Home schooling remains a challenge with intermittant internet connection and tropical beaches a distraction but she has applied herself, with motivation from Mum (the Glue). Her shell collection is growing nicely…


Xavier – Primary school student, youngest child and cricket lover….

Xavier is also known as ‘Full On Boy!’ He is into everything, loves any sport or active game and is in the water more than out of it. Being the youngest isn’t always easy within the family dynamic, however Xavier’s enthusiasm, determination & love of life ensures he doesn’t miss out on much. He is looking forward to playing some cricket in the West Indies…


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