Dr Seuss once said…










…”Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened!”


It’s been a loooong time since I’ve posted anything on the blog but I thought I should give an update of where we’re at with everything.

We’ve been back in Australia for two months now and we have all slotted straight back into the lives we left behind this time last year. Kir and Xav have gone back to school, Mum’s working on starting her Yoga business back up and I’m back at university. we’re back living in Helensburgh which has made the process of rebuilding our “normal” lives a breeze thanks to the amazing friends we have here.

It’s incredible to think that a few months ago, we were living on a yacht in the Caribbean, living a life so different to the one we’re living now. And honestly, if it weren’t for the photos and people constantly asking how our “holiday” was, we could almost forget that we’ve even been away! That’s not to say we didn’t have an amazing time. What we did was an adventure of a lifetime and we most certainly do not regret doing it. I think, if anything, it shows how supportive all of our friends are and that fortunately, we are a pretty adaptable bunch of people. It also helps that we are living in an absolutely gorgeous part of Australia.

So yeah, we’re renting a little house (big compared to Planet Ocean!) in Helensburgh and it’s pretty close to everything which is nice. Dad is still on Planet Ocean and he is just in the process of setting off to Panama to finally fulfil his life long dream of crossing the Pacific. He has got crew and it should take him about 6 or 7 months, depending on the winds and how much he wants to see. That’s the plan at the moment but as you know, in the cruising world, no plan is a good plan!

Anyway, here’s some photos to show what I’ve been up to since we’ve been back and to show all of you non-Australian folk what you’re missing.


Did I sat that we live on a beautiful part of the coast?

Did I sat that we live on a beautiful part of the coast?


This is about 15 minutes from home

This is about 15 minutes from home


Australia definitely has lovely beaches

Australia definitely has lovely beaches

Just because we're back doesn't mean there's no boats involved!

Just because we’re back doesn’t mean there’s no boats involved!

Kayaking 30 minutes from home

Kayaking 30 minutes from home

I've been spending lots of time with friends to make up for the lack of in the Caribbean

I’ve been spending lots of time with friends to make up for the lack of in the Caribbean!

In the next few days, I’m going to post lots of photos to show off our time on the boat which will not only refresh your minds, but ours as well!

Also, I made a video for my friends to show what my life has been like over the last year and a half but I thought I’d share it here. There is a bit of french at the very end of the video, so you might want to watch it without young children the first time round!


5 thoughts on “Dr Seuss once said…

  1. Hey Jaye cuss, How lucky were you… the images and words (previous posts) have been inspirational and above all you have some great stories to talk and live for a life time… Peace!!!

  2. Hi everyone you lucky people in the sunshine we have had a week of beautiful spring weather but today is freezing.I am going to the beach hut today to check it out after the break in.Jaye thanks for the latest blog you are a star with your ability with words and dialogue great !xavy hope your ankle is feeling better and enjoying being with your friends,Becca has signed Charlie and Gus up for the Saturday football but they are now saying they just want to watch but we will see.How are you doing lovely Kir is it good to be back with all your friends I am missing all of you.Super Duber wonderful Em you are an inspiration keep the strength and determination you are doing great.I am getting ready for the May festival I have just sold six large pots at the show in London so I am busy making more.Try and speak soon lots of love and big hugs xxxxxxxxxxx

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Oh my god Jaye I love your videos, great dancing by the lads!!! You have just made me miss Australia. Not that I did any of those things, apart from the dancing and drinking really. We miss miss miss you all sooooooo much . Xav Charlie and Gus are going to give football a go at Preston park, well standing there with the boots on I think, Kir ruby is soooo tall she misses you xxxx Em what’s your landline I miss you xxxxx bec

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