Another Christmas Gone By

Merry Christmas to you all!

So, another Christmas has gone by and what a Christmas it was for us! For the first time ever, we had Christmas with the family and it was great.

So, the night of Christmas Eve, we had our own dinner with a roast turkey, vegetables, leeks in white sauce, bred sauce and all sorts of traditional English things. We stuffed ourselves until bursting and then had to cram in some Christmas pudding for good measure. We then had an early night so Santa would come quicker which is not easy when everyone’s buzzing from the excitement of Christmas the next day!

Our pre-christmas Christmas dinner

Our pre-christmas Christmas dinner


Xav woke up at sunrise (about 7:30am here!) and did the rounds, waking us all up and dragging us down to the tree. Eventually, we all got down stairs and the present unwrapping began. Thankfully, we are in England temporarily so we couldn’t get anything too big and expensive because we don’t have much room in our suitcases. No room actually!

Chrissy-3 Chrissy-4

We then went for a walk to the seafront because they do a swim around Brighton Pier every year on Christmas day so we thought that would be fun to watch. Sure enough, we get there and are greeted by barriers blocking the beach with signs telling us the beach was closed because it was too rough. Just our luck. We then went for a walk through Brighton which was really nice. Because it was Christmas morning, there was absolutely no one around!

Our walk along the seafront

Our walk along the seafront


Empty Brighton streets

Empty Brighton streets


After our stroll through town, we went home to play with our presents and just relax for a while and for good reason. That evening we were set to go to my aunty’s house and there’d be 18 of us!

At about 3:00 we went around to her house and we had a great time. We all brought some food and we had everything you could imagine from roast chicken and turkey to smoked salmon and ham. We then opened the presents we’d gotten each other then played some games. Playing games with 18 people is about as good as it gets and we had such a ball!


Nothing beats a homemade trifle

Nothing beats a homemade trifle

We are so so so happy that we got to spend Christmas with family. It will most probably be the last time that we’ll all be here in England together so it is definitely something that we’ll remember for quite some time!


3 thoughts on “Another Christmas Gone By

  1. It was a great Christmas Jaye. Great to have you all with us. Although there were many wonderful times across the few days there was one standout moment- beating you at spoons. P x

  2. Yet again a great blog so good that you recorded it all on film brilliant as ever very special that we could all be together xxxxxxNanet

  3. Selemat Tahun Baru!

    Love your blog updates Jaye
    Have a wonderful time in Bali one step closer to home 🙂
    Look forward to catching up with you all

    Cheers Jo (Cronulla)

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