And People Think We Failed..?

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Whenever we tell people about our incredible trip, people are amazed at how we pulled it off. That is, until we tell them that we got off. That’s normally when they’re look of sympathy kicks in and they say how sorry they are. Basically, they think we failed… Again! I completely understand that way of thinking and I too was disappointed at how embarrassing it is that we didn’t pull it off quite as we intended. It is, of course, human nature to want more.

However, being in England has given us time to think about it all and I decided to go back through the photos of our year. What I realised is that it is SO far from a failure it isn’t funny! The things we have seen and done are experienced by so few, it makes me feel selfish to be upset about it at all. I mean, in the last year, speaking just for myself, I have been to 13 different countries spread over 4 continents, swum with sharks and dolphins, stood next to Richard Branson’s yacht, freedived to 55ft/16m, learned to hold my breathe for 3 minutes, met great people that I never thought I would meet in a million years, seen some insane wealth and some obscene poverty, caught fish that people pay to fly all over the world to catch, learned to sail, the list goes on and on! Sure, you could be negative and say we missed out on lots of things but you could also think positively and say that we have had an incredible time and have taken away memories that will last a lifetime.

It’s annoying to think that it took so long to realise all of this and to appreciate what we’ve done!

Thankfully, we took thousands of photos (literally, I have 3000 odd photos on my computer!) so we will never ever forget such an awesome experience! I decided to make a slideshow to show how much fun we’ve had and I thought I would have about 50 photos that would really show what it was like but there was no chance. I ended up with about 200 photos after an hour of separating the good from the bad so it’s quite a long slideshow but if you can sit through all of it, you will understand what I mean when I say it was an incredible experience.


One thought on “And People Think We Failed..?

  1. Hey Jay (man), you have to embrace the one person that was the catalyst for you, yo sis, yo Mum & Xav (man) to start this journey. The mildly eccentric character called Marcus, aka the “cuss man”. Legend…. he has the vision to lay it on the line for you guys to have, and continue to have the experience of a lifetime.

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