The Planet Ocean Implosion


“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” – Marilyn Monroe

So, we have some pretty important news that we’ve been delaying for longer and longer and finally we’re writing a post for you all. As you can tell by the quote above, something’s gone amiss aboard Planet Ocean, something is falling apart. Unfortunately, that something is our whole trip.

What?! You guys were having such a great time!

Ain’t that the truth! But understandably, living on a boat with a floor area the size of most of your garages is clearly going to be a challenge. Take away the abundance of friends that “normal” people have in their day to day life and it’s getting very tough. Throw in some schoolwork and you have the perfect recipe for an imminent implosion.

Hell yeah we have had these implosions on land, but everything on a boat is amplified ten-fold thanks to the fact that there’s no escape. So, coming onto the boat, we knew it was going to be tricky but, we’re a good family and we can usually sort it out, and sort it out we did, for a while. What we under-estimated, is the schoolwork. Being on a boat with one living area that is often host to schoolwork, cooking and lounging around, all at once, is extremely difficult. Then, there’s the added distractions that you don’t get when you’re staring at a whiteboard in your quite classroom. Things like; the beautiful surrounds, the constant lapping of water against the hulls, the sound of a dinghy motoring past every few minutes, the insane heat and humidity, the constant coming and goings of friends and family, the chatting of everyone on the boat, the movement of the whole boat and of course, the biggest factor, the presence of family members (even sitting and reading in the same room seems to diminish any chance of productive schoolwork).

This lack of productivity/motivation was becoming a serious problem for Kir and Xav. So much so for Kir that she was (and still is to an extent) on the brink of failing year 10 meaning she’d have to repeat it. Definitely not good news.

Also, the fact that we live on a boat, with limited internet and a very slow postal service, meant that Kir and Xav weren’t receiving work until it was too late. As in, they were just starting when they should’ve been halfway through it.

So, what’s happened?!!

Well, we’ve gotten off for a bit of a break from the monotony and insane heat of Grenada. We’ve flown to England to stay with relatives which should give us that much needed breath of fresh air. It will help Kir and Xav catch up with their schoolwork and it’ll allow all of us to get our heads on straight and work out the kinks that are all too common in a cruising lifestyle. Dad has stayed on the boat to look after it and have a break from all of us as well.

Farewell-6 Farewell-7

How long until the better things fall together and you get back on?

Well, at this stage, we have no idea. Probably a few months so we can escape hurricane season but nothing’s definite yet. We have great friends and family here in England so we’re taking it one step at a time for now.


A goodbye games night was in order

A goodbye games night was in order



The kids of Moana Roa and Planet Ocean

The kids of Moana Roa and Planet Ocean

So there you have it! I’m sure some were wondering why there were no posts, well now you know. Hopefully we’ll have everything sorted soon enough and we can get back into the swing of things again.

Big shout out to everyone that’s helped us so far, it’s been great having the support and we can’t thank you enough!

Here’s a video I’ve put together quickly to show what Grenada (and a few other places) were like.


2 thoughts on “The Planet Ocean Implosion

  1. You are an amazingly strong and together nearly 20 year old Jaye Parry and I m proud to be your auntie and will support you and your mum and sister and brother whilst your in England in the best way I can, your on a special journey Jaye and all will be ok life has its turns and upheavals but I believe you will all pull through.
    Be brave and strong and calm and remember we are all with you xxx

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