Seven Sisters Waterfalls

One of the awesome things about Grenada is it’s landscape. The mix of gorgeous beaches, brilliant snorkelling and lush rainforests and mountains, all on one island make for a great place to spend time. Thanks to our limited budget, we haven’t been able to do too many tours and touristy things but Grenada has such cheap transport that we thought we’d give it a go. Randy, Mum, Kir, Xav, Me and David (off a boat named Mistral) set off for the Seven Sisters Waterfalls that we’d heard so much about. We got up nice an early and headed for the bus depot where they have buses that will take you to almost every part of the island. Within 30 seconds of walking in, we had a fellow leading us away to his bus. No waiting, that’s what we like! So we had a half an hour bus ride and we eventually get their after traversing a mountain and going through all sorts of small villages, all the while picking up and dropping off passengers.

“How much is that?” David asks the driver.

“EC$5 per person,” he says.

That is amazing! That is about AU$2 a person and we went from the coast to the middle of the island, a half an hour trip, and we were dropped off at the front of the waterfalls’ entrance. It really doesn’t get much better than that!

We walked up the short driveway to a small hut where we were greeted by a young guy who would be our guide for the day. We payed our entrance fee and got a lecture by the owner of the land. See, we had heard that you go to these waterfalls and you jump off each one and have a ball as you do so but this guy was insisting that we could not jump off them. Our guide, on the other hand, had other plans and assured us that he would take us anyway. So we smiled and nodded and agreed to not jump off the waterfalls then set off. Along the way, we stopped every minute or so to see some beautiful plant or some exotic herb. We were shown how nutmeg grows and its uses – apparently mace spray comes from parts of the nutmeg fruit – and we were shown cinnamon – maybe I’m just daft but I had no idea cinnamon is actually the bark off a tree! We walked for about 40 minutes then finally arrived at the waterfalls.

We were hiking through some beautiful rainforest.

We were hiking through some beautiful rainforest.

The scenery is amazing!

The scenery is amazing!

What a beautiful sight it was! It was easily 10m high and fell into a gorgeous pool. They even leave shampoo and soap for anyone that wants to shower there.

This is what we were greeted by.

This is what we were greeted by.

Our guide then donned his national colours and asked who wanted to do the waterfall jumping. After much discussion and psyching our selves up, Xav, David and I went for it while the others enjoyed the scenery.

We climbed up a path for about 15 minutes before we arrived at the first waterfall which was beautiful. It was only about 6 feet high but the surrounding vegetation was so green and lush. Our guide then talked us through what to do and that once you start, there’s not really a way out of doing the big jump at the end.

The very top.

The very top.

“So don’t jump to da left because there are rocks all there and don’ jump to da right because it’s about 3 feet deep.”

Right. No pressure.

So he jumped first and showed us where to land then we all went after and managed to escape unscathed. Then we arrived at the second jump which was also about 6 feet high.


“Ok, so to da right and middle it’s all rocks so you have to jump to da left, but not too far because ders rocks to. Now, where we jump it is only 5 feet deep so we use a technique so we don’ hit da bottom.”

A quick demonstration of the correct technique

A quick demonstration of the correct technique

He then continued to explain the technique while I admired the beautiful greenery. Next thing I know, they’ve all jumped in and I have no idea how the technique is supposed to go. I jump and hope I land in the general area of safety and trying to spread my arms and legs to not hit the bottom. Sure enough, I hit the bottom but thankfully only come away with a few scratches on my feet.

We then walk down a rocky chute where we have to wedge ourselves between the rock side because if we stand in the rushing water we’ll be washed down and come out all battered and bruised. Typically, Xav is so small that he has to get piggie backed down on our guide’s back.

Don't slip!

Don’t slip!

Then we come to the second last one. It is only about 2 feet high but also about 2 feet deep unless you clear the first few feet of rocks. Xav just slides into the water then our guide describes how we have to do it. He basically tells us to run on the rock wall then dive into the water. Right hopefully this is a rare case of ‘easier done than said’ because I am screwed otherwise. Thankfully I managed a half dive, half belly flop sort of thing and survived.

Now the big one. Everyone says that cliffs look bigger once you’re up the top but normally you just ignore them because as everyone knows, 10 meters is 10 meters and it doesn’t change depending on where you stand. This was an exception! Walking to the edge and seeing the drop, we all suddenly decided that it was not 10 metres and our guide had been pulling our leg. This thing was huge. He showed us what to do and I decided to go first to get it over and done with.

"Dis is how you jump off a 10 metre cliff mon."

“Dis is how you jump off a 10 metre cliff mon.”

As usual, everything seems easier once you’ve done it and as I stuck my head out of the water, I wondered what I had been so scared about all that time. David and Xav were left and after about 15 minutes, they decided they’d play it safe and walk down via a path that our guide had just told us about.

Pictures DO NOT do this waterfall justice!

Pictures DO NOT do this waterfall justice at all!

After about 15 minutes of climbing they arrived back at the bottom then our guide appeared at the top of the waterfall again. Yes! He had promised us a backflip and he was about to deliver. Sure enough, he did a perfect backflip off it and made us all look like absolute weirdos for being scared of simply jumping off it.

We then dried off and began our hike back up to the entrance area which took a good 40 minutes. We said our thanks for being such a great guide and then walked to the road to wait for a bus.


Now, remember how I said the transport is so great here? It’s true, as long as you don’t want to travel anywhere at lunch time. We waited for about half an hour before a bus finally came past, we all crammed in and rested our tired legs.

We will never make the mistake of waiting for a bus at lunch time again. Ever.

We will never make the mistake of waiting for a bus at lunch time again. Ever.

All in all, it was a great day and considering how cheap it was, we would happily go again! We’ll just remember that lunchtime is reserved for lunch and lunch only, not travelling.


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