Haircuts on the High Seas

I’m sure when you all think of sailors, you all picture unshaven men with skin like leather and women with dreadlocking hair down to their ankles and yellowing teeth. Not quite. What I just described would be people who have been stranded on an island for years, not us modern sailors! So, I’m sure you’ll all be surprised to hear, but just because we live on a boat, we are still “normal” people. Just like you lot, we also like to keep our clothes clean, teeth white and hair in check. Why am I saying this? Well, because our boat has gone on a sudden haircutting phase and with good reason. As you probably know, the Caribbean is a tropical place so it gets hot! Add being in the salt water constantly into the mix and long hair suddenly doesn’t seem so appealing.

Michelle from Adonis trimming Kir's hair

Michelle from Adonis trimming Kir’s hair

As we mentioned a while back, we met some great friends of ours, the Macdonald family, who are aboard their Lagoon 440, Pollux. Now, it turns out that not only are they super lovely people, but Jen is a killer hairdresser! Xav got his hair cut by her one day and that’s when I thought it’s time to let my mop go.

Jen taming Xav’s hair. I borrowed this from their blog so hopefully that’s alright!

I had been deciding whether I wanted to cut my hair for a while but when she offered to cut it (I’m guessing she couldn’t bare to look at it much longer and I don’t blame her!) I jumped at the chance.

A few days later and I’m sitting on top of our bimini watching my hair blow away in the wind as Jen works her magic. Anyway, after some indecisive moments we were done and, wow what a difference it makes! No more sweating in the searing sun and it dries within minutes of me coming out of the water.

The final product

The final product

Thanks Jen and I’ll be sending anyone that wants a haircut your way!


One thought on “Haircuts on the High Seas

  1. Zavs hair isooooo blonde, kirana yours is still so long and Jaye yours looks the same! Hey Kirana Ruby was delighted to hear from you keep it coming. I took her for tea last night and she’s growing up into nail varnish and clothes now! But then still wants to save the snow leopards and any animal she thinks maybe come extinct. Good balance!! Come and see us soon all of you we love you !!!!!!! Xxxxxxxx

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