No, not Xav. The Badboy is one of our most prized possessions on the boat. Most of the arguments on the boat stem from it and without a doubt, it is used everyday.

What is this Badboy you ask?

The Badboy is what we use for our internet. It is a wifi amplifier and it essentially boosts your computer’s ability to get wireless internet.

One of the conditions of us coming on the boat was that we have to have internet. Sure, a big reason we came to live on a boat is to get away from all of that junk. To just enjoy what’s around us and not worry about what the politics are like back in Australia or whether a particular celebrity has gotten divorced for the tenth time.

But, we need internet! Kir and Xav’s schooling revolves around internet use and being able to monitor the weather is crucial – especially around hurricane season. So, we researched how cruisers got internet in the Caribbean and the general consensus was that a Badboy was the way to go. Eventually, we bought one of these highly regarded Badboy devices and gave it a go.

We set it up and started getting awesome internet right away. If only everything on boats was that simple!

The only problem is that only one computer can use it at a time… But wait, we can fix that! Like all well marketed products, you can buy accessories that will make your life so much better for just that little bit more money. In the case of the Badboy, you can buy an accessory called the Badboy Unleashed. What this does is create a wireless hotspot for your boat so that basically, everyone on the boat can use internet just as if they were at home with wifi. Awesome right?!

A bit of this...

A bit of this…

and a bit of this...

…and a bit of this…

gives you this.

…gives you this.

Where does this internet come from?

Anywhere we can get it. When we arrive at a new anchorage, we plug in the Badboy and search for any wireless networks without passwords. As surprising as it is, there are actually a lot of wifi networks without passwords and some of them are really quite good (good considering we’re on a boat in the Caribbean – but not always ability-to-watch-YouTube good).

So now you have a bit of an insight on how we get internet aboard Planet Ocean, hopefully you can understand why we don’t get posts out more often. I promise laziness has got nothing to do with it, I swear!

Also, on an entirely different note. For those of you that have no idea what the Caribbean looks like or where it is (I had no clue what it looked like until we got on the boat), we’ve added a new little feature that will show us where we are, where we’ve been and our favourite spots. On the right side of our home page there’s a section called ‘Our Location’ and if you click on the blue highlighted link, it will take you to a map with markers on it.


The stars represent our favourite spots, red markers show places we’ve been to and green is where we are currently. If you click on each marker, a little ‘blurb’ will pop-up explaining the location.


Hopefully we can update our location often so, it shouldn’t be more than a week or 2 late.

Please let us know if you hate it, love it or want to change it so we can keep making our blog better!


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