The Markets

We sat there grinning stupidly at each other as the tow rope strained under the weight of towing our dinghy and its six passengers. Fortunately, there wasn’t much wind and we weren’t drifting out to sea at such a quick rate. Even more fortunately, however, is that we managed to flag down a Swiss/German couple and convinced them to help us, despite the disapproving looks from the wife.

I’m sure you’re wondering how on earth we got into this situation in the first place?

Well, every Saturday they have markets here in St Georges, Grenada (I’ll do another post to explain why we’ve moved later) and naturally, we wanted to see what they’re like. We arrived at the makeshift dinghy dock aboard Randy’s dinghy just as another dinghy load of cruisers pulled up next to us. Together, we made our way to the markets through what appeared to be the strangest roads.  At one point, we got to a tunnel that was only just wide enough for a car and we were just getting ready to turn back and find a different way when a group of people shuffled along in single file through the tunnel ahead of us. We all looked at each other incredulously at what would have never been allowed in Australia or any western country. Hesitantly, we followed them into the tunnel in single file, our shoulders scraping along the wall whilst cars fly by a few inches from our other shoulders. We eventually emerged from the tunnel back out onto the streets and a few minutes later, we were at the edge of a massive market place with people selling all sorts of fruits and vegetables.

We arranged to meet Randy and Michelle out the front in an hours time before we set off into the depths of the markets. The amount and variety of produce they had was incredible! All sorts of tropical fruits and vegetables, some we had never even seen before, were mounded with people trying to rope you into buying something from their particular stall. They even had a section dedicated to spices and sauces which was awesome. We ended up buying a bottle of chilli sauce from a lady who assured us it was home made by her friend, only to find the exact bottle in a supermarket across the road for half the price!

The Markets-4

An abundance of fruit and vegetables

An abundance of fruit and vegetables

All sorts of things were for sale

All sorts of things were for sale

The Markets-1

Eventually we emerged from the markets laden with fruits and vegetables and made our way back to the dinghy. Back through the tunnel which was made even more interesting thanks to the fruit and vegetable filled plastic bags at our sides. We all hopped into the dinghy and set off, recounting our stories of being thwarted by the charms of various stall owners and our encounters with fruits and vegetables we even didn’t know existed. We were suddenly brought out of our story telling frenzy by the sound of the outboard spluttering to a halt.

“We’re out of gas!”

These are not the words you want to hear from Randy as you are in the middle of a channel with anchored boats 400m in front of us and the shore 400m behind us. Randy and I grabbed the paddles and started the gruelling paddle to our boat, still some 800m away.

The gruelling paddle

A long way to paddle

No time for negativity - smiles all round

No time for negativity – smiles all round

Thankfully, we managed to wave down a Swiss/German couple who were passing us, before we had exhausted ourselves too much. After much hand gesturing and fuel tank waving, we managed to get the point across that we’re out of fuel and our boat was in a general direction. They agreed to tow us and that is how we got into such a mess.

Not only did that experience teach us a lesson, it also added a bit of excitement to our life which has become rather monotonous here in Grenada. After all, it has been about a week so we think it’s time for a bit of a change of scenery soon!


2 thoughts on “The Markets

  1. Hi Em. Bumped into Lisa in the town yesterday she was very interest in how it’s all going with you all so I filled her in with all your news I told her to watch your blog. she said she hasn’t really been following it.She also asked about Sophie and. Rudi .Still waiting for the Lego to arrive ,you sound as if you are having a challenging time write more later love you Mum

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  2. Hi Em can’t find the address of where I can send your birthday card to sorry not sending present because worried you may not get it I have no idea if got my last email I am trying to learn more about the iPad let me have the address

    Sent from my iPad

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