Tobago Cays

“I hope your package doesn’t arrive soon. I love it here!” said Michelle one night while we were eating dinner. We were still in Admiralty Bay in Bequia and Randy and Michelle, from Adonis, had come to our boat and we were all enjoying some nice steak that Randy had cooked for us. We were over the moon when we found out that a butcher comes to the island selling meat on Saturday mornings and we were even more thrilled when Randy, who is a chef, agreed to cook it for us! None of us had eaten a steak for a few months so what a treat it was!

The next morning, our package of school work finally arrived and we all shared an apprehensive smile. We were now ‘officially’ a month into hurricane season and despite the fact that we needed to keep moving further south, we all loved Bequia and could’ve easily spent another few days there. Xavier had made friends with a little American boy and they played with each other almost everyday but they assured us that they would be only a few days behind us and we would almost definitely see them down island again which is good.

We left for the Tobago Cays the next morning which was a nice three hour sail with Adonis close on our tail. We arrived to a very windy anchorage with about five or so other boats and anchored in 2.5m of crystal clear water. We were greeted by boat boys selling fish, t-shirts, bread and ice, all of whom were very friendly guys. We waited for Adonis to arrive and drop anchor before we went snorkelling with turtles which was amazing! Tobago Cays is a marine park and they have a turtle sanctuary, so, there were turtles everywhere and being a protected turtle sanctuary, they weren’t afraid of being closely approached.

They definitely weren't afraid of being approached.

They definitely weren’t afraid of being approached.

During our time at the Tobago Cays, the weather was dismal! Everyday it rained and we had about 20-25 knots of wind each night, which made sleeping a fairly intermittent affair. Despite the terrible weather, we had a great time and when the rain came out between rain showers, we could see how beautiful it really was there and we could understand why so many people had regarded it so highly. If only we could’ve seen it during a bit nicer weather!

DCIM100GOPRO Tobago Cays-2 Tobago Cays-1

After two nights at the Tobago Cays, we left for Mayreu which was about a 20 minute motor in very calm conditions. “If only it was like that all the time,” Mum said wishfully.

So, now here we are in Saline Bay, Mayreu, where we will stay for a few nights before we continue on our journey south. We have Adonis about 100m away, good snorkeling about 50m away and a bay which we are sharing with four other boats.

What more could we want?


One thought on “Tobago Cays

  1. sENsaTioNal !!!
    Every time I log on, I’m blown away by the fabulous experiential moments you are all sharing as a family. I love your latest inspirational video, Jaye. The wonderful editing on it is so-o-o-o skilful & riveting. (You should enter the GoPro site’s “Video of the Week” competition?) I can see a career as EP in adventure-cinematography looming??
    Markus’ featured entry was also great to read as it gives a totally different perspective of an amazing event. Will we see a ‘feature’ from Kirana & Xav?
    eNjOy!! & stay safe, Planet Oceaners….. xd

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