Finally a Fish!

This is a post from Markus that he put on facebook but I thought you all might want to read it, its funny.  It’s been a while since I posted anything – partly because we couldn’t get reliable wifi on the boat in Simpson Bay lagoon but mostly because I am really settling into the cruising boat lifestyle and Internet connection isn’t really a priority anymore….
So Amber posted most of our boat upgrades & fixes, so I won’t bore you there except to say our solar panels kick arse and easily power everything on the boat and the house bank is fully charged by 10.30am with full sun and even on overcast days they perform.
So, we left Nevis yesterday at 0400 to get an early start on our 2 day passage to Bequia. The grib files (wind speed/direction overlaid onto an electronic chart area of your choosing) indicated 15-20 kts Easterlies for most of the passage over the 2 days. Well, it started out that way and we beam reaching west of Montserrat but after about 12 hours we got smashed by 30-35 it’s ESE for about 5 hours which wasn’t fun! Closed hauled, double reef & buttoned down and the kids were singing songs….
At about midnight, we were hit by series of rain squalls but with unusually light winds and they always seemed to be on the nose – which means we weren’t getting anywhere in a hurry. By dawn, we got more wind on the nose as it ventuuried and bet around Martinique. By then I’d been awake for 30 hours so I decided to head for the southern tip of Martinique and the lovely anchorage of Anse d’Arlet. The counter current was strong offshore so we motorsailed close inshore in wind shadow & flat water and put out the trolling rod. As the wind died completely, we dropped the main & furled the headie but no fish. Then as we approached the big bay of Fort de France, the trades broke through and we hoisted full sail to beam reach across the bay in flat water at over 8kts – exhilarating! And of course, that’s when the big Wahoo decided to strike! Jaye was trying to reel the bastard in but all that was happening at 8kts was the drag whirring as the fish took off. Amber & I frantically furled the genny and dropped the main so we could stop the boat and catch this fish. We’d already lost a monster Mahi Mahi (also known as Dorado or Dolphin Fish) off St Kitts, so we didn’t want this bugger getting away.
Well, the next 30 mins was a comedy sketch. Jaye reeling the metre long beast to the transom, I grabbed the gaff hook and the Wahoo took off under the prop and rudder and dropped the gaff hook in the drink, didn’t I. So I quickly dived in to retrieve it and when I approached the transom the fish decided to go me! Result – nasty gash to my left thigh. So picture this, there’s a big fish thrashing about on the hook and I’m bleeding profusely. Anyone else think shark bait. Ha! Of course that didn’t occur to me until later when Jaye told me about all the YouTube fishing vids he’s watched showing guys reeling in big fish only to have a shark take everything except the head in the last few metres……
Anyway, we land the fish, I climb aboard (profusely bleeding) and I ask Amber to quickly bring the rum – no not for me, to humanely put the fish out quickly – except I gave the rum to a 75 year old sea dog legend in St Barths. What else do we have? Ricard & white wine. I poured vast quantities of both down the fishes gills to no avail; not high enough alcohol content. Meanwhile the big Wahoo is bucking & kicking and spraying lots of red blood all over the after deck, Xavier thinks he’ll now become a vegetarian and Amber is saying she doesn’t like it and do we have to catch fish? I finally cut its head off (well mostly, the big backbone needs an axe not a knife) but anyway it’s dead now, sort of. Bloody waste of good alcohol, I reckon. So now we have a freezer full of fish steaks, my leg is bandaged and Xav still reckons he will become a Xavatarian.
Now what about a Mahi Mahi…..


3 thoughts on “Finally a Fish!

  1. Wow,why waste the alcohol ? Don’t you just hit it on the head really hard ? Anyway it sounds amazing I want to see a picture!!!!( Of the fish)I am the only one left to show mum how to use the iPad haha!!! ME!!! Becs .
    Listen all sounds so good really want to hear more !!! Tell zav boys talking about him all the time and ruby about Kirana, then Charlie goes whos the bigger boy again (Jaye) oh yes he says !!! Love you all xxxxx things here heating up for me,em text me xxx mum and I having a glass of wine reading the blog xxxxxx

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