Down We Go

So finally we are back in the water.  We are now a floating power plant with our new solar panels and have the luxury of a water maker which means showers everyday, yeah!  I remember last time we did this we had to be really careful with our water and we were allowed a cup of water at night to put a face cloth into and wash the salt off us, so, a water maker is amazing.

So, we left St. Maarten, saying good bye tour friends; Fran and John on their 47 foot Beneteau and Seb and Krista on their 40 foot Leopard, hoping to see them later further South.  St martin has been ok, but the real Caribbean is said to be more South and after spending a lot of time in one spot we are all itching to get going.

Firstly we sailed back to St. Barths to Anse de Colombier – my favourite spot so far.  It’s so tranquil and easy going, no one around, just a beach and good snorkelling.  The sail was not pleasant as we were beating into a head wind for 4 hours, on what was supposed to be a 2 hour sail. Still, once your there, you quickly forget how bad it was (a bit like child birth.)

Anyway, Jaye and I decided to have a late afternoon snorkel at about 5.30pm and we came face to face with a reef shark.  It went by us and out of sight fairly quickly – whether or not that was a good thing, I’m not sure. However, I am sure that I’ve never swam faster in my life!

The next morning we left for St. Kitts and Nevis at about 6am, it’s such a special feeling to sail away from an anchorage as the sun is coming up. Lovely calm seas and complete silence, apart from the gentle sound of the boat moving through the water.

The winds were perfect this time and it was a very pleasant seven hour sail. About five hours into it, we were all startled by the loud screeching of line being taken off our fishing rod. Finally we might catch a fish! This fish had other ideas. It was not stopping and it kept swimming away from our boat and suddenly everything went quiet. We reeled the line in and found that our swivel (which has a breaking load of about 52kg) had been broken. We were all so disappointed but at the same time we were grateful because we could not possibly store a fish that big. We continued on without any more drama and eventualy anchored off the beach at Nevis where we all hopped in the dinghy and went to a local Rasta café on shore to find WiFi.  I’m sure other cruisers will agree when we say that the 3 things cruisers crave are wifi, unlimited running water and nice toilets.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we will leave early and head straight to Bequia.  It’s around a 36 hour sail so it’ll be our first long passage, exciting! Fingers crossed we catch a fish, otherwise Jaye says he’s selling the rod!

We’ll add some photos when we have a bit more time and faster internet!


2 thoughts on “Down We Go

  1. So good to hear your news Em why has J aye stopped writing the news any way enjoy your first long sail how exciting more news later lots of love Mumx

  2. God, em my worst fear is a shark as you know,it really does sound amazing what your doing and I love reading about it, pity you didn’t get a glimpse of the fish sounds like it would have Been a great catch!!! Love you all xxxx becs

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