Paul Johnson

So, once again, it’s been a while since our last post thanks to sub-par internet and not being able to charge our laptops so this post is quite a few days late. However, things are finally starting to move along at a decent pace so we’ll hopefully be able to have good-ish internet and charged laptops within a week – fingers crossed!

Since our last post, we’ve had quite a lot happen but I’ll try and keep it short and use lots of pictures.

First big news is that, we finally got away from Oyster Pond (Stinky Pond as Markus calls it) and into some nice clean water! We took a quick trip to Anse de’Collombiere in St. Barths which was a welcome change from the marina we’ve been stuck in for the last month. We snorkeled almost everyday, went for lovely walks along the cliff tops, saw all sorts of wildlife and just had an enjoyable time.

Having some fun with our spinnaker halyard.

Having some fun with our spinnaker halyard.

Looking down on our boat in St. Barths.

Looking down on our boat in St. Barths.

A photo from the hills in St. Barths.

A photo from the hills in St. Barths.

While we were there, we met an incredible man by the name of Paul Johnson. I’m sure when most people think of sailing around on a boat, Paul is probably the kind of guy people picture in their heads. He has done almost everything you could think of from surviving shipwrecks to hanging out with rockstars. We first noticed not him, but his boat.

Paul Johnson's boat.

Paul Johnson’s boat.

An old timber looking ketch (mast at the front with a smaller mast at the back) that looked like it had been around the world a few times over. Once we met him, however, we were awed by his experiences and his life in general. He is 75 years old and has been on boats since he was 5, so, to say he has salt water running through his veins seems fitting. His boat was built by himself and had traditional timber parts and just enough electricity to run a CD player and a light. His dinghy was reminiscent of a wooden canoe that he had built himself and had no motor, just oars and a sail.

Xavier going for a sail with Alex who was on Paul's boat.

Xavier going for a sail with Alex who was on Paul’s boat.

Paul is truly a legend and his stories are second to none so hopefully we’ll be able to catch up with him further down south during hurricane season because I’m sure he has many more stories to tell.

Paul Johnson.

Paul Johnson.


5 thoughts on “Paul Johnson

  1. The photos look STUNNING Amber! Been following your post since you left – really really happy for you guys!
    This Paul Johnsons sounds like a new life-time friend 🙂
    Lots of love from the Burgh
    Marie xo

  2. Woken up to the Paul Johnson story, ruby and I sat and read it together.I love it !!! you all sound good I liked the pictures, a light relief from this crazy English nearly June mad it’s not a heat wave here!
    Ems did you run up that hill to get photo?
    Love to you all, don’t forget sophs birthday Thursday xxxxxx

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