It’s Official

We're official!

We’re official!

At last our boat really feels like our own. We have been waiting to have Planet Ocean “stickered” on our boat since the day we got her and finally we’ve got it done! We waited until St. Maarten to get the name changed for a few reasons, the first being the price. Almost everything is cheaper in St. Maarten, whether it is food or getting things done, it is amazing the differences in price compared to other places. Secondly is our boat’s registration. We have had to wait for our boat papers to arrive from Australia because they’re essential for clearing in and out of islands. Thankfully, they arrived yesterday so clearing in and out shouldn’t be a problem when we eventually get to the BVI’s!

We didn't want to risk messing it up so we called in the professionals

We didn’t want to risk messing it up so we called in the professionals

Measure twice, stick once

Measure twice, stick once

Sign writing is not so easy on a boat!

Sign writing is not so easy on a boat!

So now we are officially Planet Ocean and Australian registered but we’re still waiting on our mast track to get fixed. What looked like a simple job has turned into an absolute mammoth task. We managed to get all of the ball bearings into the track cars which was not too difficult but, when the time came to fit the section of mast track back into its slot, it didn’t fit! How the section doesn’t fit now, considering it’s the exact spot it came out of, is beyond us. We managed to grind the piece down so it fits but the bolt holes don’t line up now! Anyway, long story short, it has become a real headache and has forced us to stay in St. Maarten for even longer which is the last thing we wanted.

To add to the drama, I have a killer tooth ache which has appeared out of nowhere, despite going to the dentist to get some fillings before we left Australia to hopefully avoid this exact problem!

Hopefully we can get this mast track problem sorted in the next few days and we can finally get to the BVI’s (seems like we keep saying that!)


2 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. How I wish we could chat! Your adventure sounds amazing, but what a load of daunting logistics and challenges you’ve faced – and costs!!! – before you even ‘get underway’! Makes our trip look like a piece of cake. Hope you stop haemorrhaging money soon!

  2. Hi Amber – Bella says ‘don’t worry about the crazy stuff you can’t help; just chase a ball!’ Well, she probably would say the 2nd bit. Just think you could be here in the Burgh, going to BiLo. But instead you’re THERE. Lots of love and light to you and a big sloppy kiss and bouncy excited wee-coming-out hello from your Bella. xxx

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