Not All Negative!

With all of these negative posts in the last few weeks, I can forgive you for thinking that living on a boat is stressful and full of problems. The truth is that it is a fantastic lifestyle! We have met more interesting people in the last month or so than we have for a long time. It’s incredible seeing the different islands and how the people and culture differ despite being only a few tens of kilometres away from each other.

We have also met a lot of Aussies which is nice. Just in Oyster Pond we have met two Australian couples who have become great friends of ours and we’re sure we will keep in contact with them. It is great being able to share knowledge, tools and anything else really. We shared a hire car with our friends Bill and Karren for a few days which is perfect because we are almost always going to the same shops anyway! Just yesterday we met a lovely family of four from America who have been holidaying here and we had dinner and drinks together which was good fun, especially considering it was they’re last night here. It does seem, however, that we always meet people just as we or they are leaving which is a shame!

Xavier and Isaac who we met yesterday

Xavier and Isaac who we met yesterday

The other day, we had another Australian family visit us here in Oyster Pond to have a swim in the pool and let the kids play for a while. We met these guys in Antigua a few weeks back and we bumped into them again at Simpson’s Lagoon and they’re making their way back to Australia like us. They’re heading to the British Virgin Islands (BVI’s) in the next week, just as we are, so we might bump into them up there which would be great!

Hopefully, all problems and negativity will disappear once we get everything sorted and start really cruising. We haven’t written about a few things happening because we’ve just been swamped with things to do but we’ll be sure to do a big “catch up” post soon enough!


3 thoughts on “Not All Negative!

  1. Hi amber.

    I gave read every post of yours & despite the few hiccups with the boat the entire experience sounds amazing. I love hearing about the adventures and people you are meeting.

    Xavier looks like he is having a ball in the water! Thank you for taking the time to write I really love hearing from you.

    Of course nothing has changed here, except we have added little girl to stanwell park – Leila she was born on the 7.4. Thought you would like to know! X

    Best wishes to you and the family – keep having an extraordinary time & I look forward to reading the next post!

    Love bel (from yoga – stanwell pk)

  2. Hi hope your all ok, learning lots it seems!!!
    Of course all those things will happen all part of the experience
    You will all be better for it xxxxx
    We all miss you and soph and following blogg carefully .
    I have shown loads of people your video of you camping Jaye, everyone agrees your part time job can be advertising Australia and you could get a surf label to sponsor you.
    Love you all very much, kirana how is it ???
    Zav, boys talk about you all the time xxxxxx becca

  3. Testing times & waters all part of the journey it seems Ambs.Lovely to hear you are meeting some great families.That water looks sooo crystal clear enjoy!
    Miss you heaps .Jo

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