Island Time

So, our last few days here in Oyster Pond have not been as productive as we had hoped due to a number of reasons. Firstly is our lack of transport. Oyster Pond is a great secure place to stay but it is very isolated which means you need a car to get to any of the facilities we need. Secondly, for anyone that’s been to the Caribbean you have probably noticed that everyone is very relaxed and nothing is done in a hurry. For example, our hire car we got for two days was supposed to be delivered at 10:00, so, we all got dressed and ready only to have the car turn up at about 12:00. Under most circumstances, this wouldn’t bother us at all but the point of making our way all the way up to St. Maarten was to get work done on the boat, so, we want to try and do that as fast as possible so we can enjoy the rest of the Caribbean before hurricane season hits!

Despite all this, we have managed to get power which has been great. Of course, it wouldn’t be right if we could simply plug a cord in and have power. No, we needed an adaptor to convert the European plug to a U.S one. When we asked the Dockmaster if he had an adaptor, his reply was, “No but I can take one from another boat. If the owner comes back I will have to give it back though.” He insisted the owner wouldn’t return for a while but we weren’t going to risk it so we bought our own adaptor. Of course, they don’t just have these adaptors ready to go, so, we had to get one made up. We knew it would be expensive but we were happy to pay $50 or so to know that we’ll have power for the next month. We had some friends pick it up for us and when they brought it back with the receipt we were shocked. $128 for some wire and two plugs! We rifled through the catalogue hoping the shop had made a mistake but, they were right. Turns out the yellow

$128 later

$128 later


One thought on “Island Time

  1. Hello everyone,
    Ruby and I are following the blog. We love hearing whats happening over there. Really was the adapter $128.
    We will keep following.
    Jaye we liked the video of you going to the toilet can you do some more. Also can you film Xavi and Kirana.
    Becca and Ruby

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