Thieving Scum!

These two words have been bouncing around in my head for the whole day. We were feeling so good about everything and our trip was off to a great start until this morning. It all went South when I woke up to find my iPad was “missing” as was Markus’ wallet and Xav’s iPod. After about 45 minutes of frantic searching, we concluded that we hadn’t just misplaced them and that we had indeed been robbed. To say we felt sick is an understatement. Just the thought of people stealing anything is just sickening and I’m sure these people will eventually get what they deserve.

Xav’s iPod wasn’t such a loss because there wasn’t anything too important on it. My iPad had all of my personal things on it like emails, photos, messages, etc. and without a password to protect it, anyone is free to see them all. Not so good. Markus’s wallet on the other hand, had our credit cards, travel money cards, his license, cash and various other cards and papers. Definitely not good! We managed to cancel the cards and no money was missing from the accounts which is so lucky, but, now we’ll have to have new cards issued to us which could take some time.

The fact that someone had boarded our boat and climbed inside while we were sleeping, without anyone knowing, is very scary in itself. It just shows that even in a marina with security you still can’t be too careful!

Despite the obvious frustration and anger, it has reminded us to be more vigilant and from now on we will be locking every hatch and door when we leave the boat.

We have also been given an extra night at the marina which has been invaluable because none of us are in the mood to have to go on anchor at the moment.

We will be without internet until St. Maarten probably which will be in a few weeks, so, I’m sure we’ll have lots to share by then and hopefully it’s a bit more positive than this post!


11 thoughts on “Thieving Scum!

  1. Oh that’s awful to have anything stolen but while you guys were sleeping!!! I know what you mean by the sick feeling, its very scary! If I can help out from here obtaining forms from this end etc let me know. Take care 🙂

  2. Can not believe they did that whilst you we all sleeping on board! Travel safe & looking forward to reading your next post.

  3. Oh No!!! Not a good start- but hopefully being more vigilant will prevent any further problems! Enjoying reading your adventures. Hi to Kirana and Bon Voyage to you all! Taylor xxx

  4. Very sorry to hear this. I feel sorry for the lowlife that steals, what sort of hopeless individual they must be. Good times ahead for you all I can feel it, cheers & best wishes.

  5. Not good news at all guys. Sounds like you’ve got your chins up again and are ready to adventure on. Make that the worst that happens and all will be good. Cheers from The White House

  6. We knew it wasn’t going to be all ‘plain sailing’ (pardon the pun!), but these thieving “Pirates of the Caribbean” are true pond-scum!! However, (playing devils advocate, here!) it could have been so much worse!! Technology, cards, $$…… they’re replaceable!! You’re all alive, not injured & now possess a healthy vigilence/resolve for what can occur. Life’s good again!
    Following PLANET OCEAN’s blog has been sensational !! The photo in Bali of J,R & K was gorgeous — as are all the MOR pix (like warung food) which we find fascinating!! The boat herself looks absolutely divine. Well chosen, M&A. Can we please have a pic of “J-aye-ack Sparrow” at the helm? Love & Huge Hugs……from The Awesome-Savill-4Some x x x x

  7. Karma will find them Ambs.Not nice feeling at all hope hasn’t rattled kids too much. know you will be looking ahead & staying positive.
    Safe travels
    Jo x

  8. Well what a start !!!!!!
    Where are you all now???
    Told you I would follow the blog , how is it ems ?
    England is in heavy snow and freezing this country is soooooo cold becs

  9. I’m so glad to have finally found your blog! What a rotten start to your trip this theft was and what a bureaucratic nightmare – just what you were trying to leave behind you! Smile in the face of adversity!

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