What a Boat!

“I arrived today and the boat is fantastic! It’s much better than I expected.”

This is the opening line from an email Markus sent us while we were in England and he was not kidding! We arrived the day before yesterday and we couldn’t believe how big the boat was. When we saw pictures of her we knew she was going to be big, but seeing her in the flesh is a whole other thing. The previous owner has fixed all of the problems we found during the survey, and more, and has even payed for her to have her anti-foul patched up which has saved us thousands of dollars already.

So much room!

The second we arrived at the marina, we instantly felt welcome which is so nice, especially after a 10 hour flight. Everyone we saw greeted us with a big smile and a wave and we have already been given a tonne of food, water and milk by a family ending their charter. The sense of community is amazing and we are sure it is not unique to Martinique.

Today is only our third day and we are already beginning to settle in. The kids’ rooms have already been plastered with posters and various other memorabilia to remind them of home and clothes have been folded and hung in cupboards. Within the next few days, I’m sure we will be calling Planet Ocean ‘home’ and sailor jargon will become the norm.

Without a doubt, a massive plus about being in a French island is the food. Breakfast yesterday was an assortment of croissants, a baguette and camembert cheese which was a welcome change from the usual cereal and toast. I can see it’s going to be difficult to have a low carb diet. However, it must be said that Martinique is by no means cheap! Being a French island, it comes with French prices unfortunately. Because of this, we have to wait until we get to St. Maarten in a few weeks time before we can start kitting our boat out with some bells and whistles.

There is so much to share and so little time to write about it all so here’s a few photos.

I think we definitely have chosen the right boat

I think we definitely have chosen the right boat

What a view!

What a view!

Gorgeous sunsets

Gorgeous sunsets every night

It's amazing how quickly you start living a simple lifestyle on a boat

It’s amazing how quickly you adapt to a simple lifestyle on a boat

Planet Ocean-5

We have to sacrifice many things living on a boat and.....tea isn't one of them, even if you have to use a bowl

We have to sacrifice many things living on a boat, but tea isn’t one of them, even if you have to use a bowl

We’ll write another post when we get internet again which will hopefully be in a few days.


4 thoughts on “What a Boat!

  1. Hi All! You look so much at home already Amber with you tea! I remember how you like it – more milk than tea!!! Barbie

  2. Fantastic job all, looks amazing. We are still planning our trip but just in oz for now. Working hard on the house to get it ready for sale. Judy is keen to go now she has seen you guys do it, so thankyou and have a great trip and will keep following.
    Cheers David

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