Get Me to The Caribbean Already!

Don’t get me wrong, I love England and seeing my family is always lovely, but we are now getting to that stage where, we’re sick of talking about the Caribbean and just want to get there! None of us have even seen the boat in the flesh except Markus who arrived there today, so, I’m sure you can understand how we’re all feeling.

But, while we have been in England, we have been having a fantastic time! What we thought would be a slightly relaxing time with family has turned into non-stop action. The day after we arrived, we were already on the move as we made our way to a beautiful house in a small village, Alfriston, that my mum had hired for 3 nights. Between me and my two sisters, we have eight children, so, all up there were thirteen of us in this lovely house. With six of the eight children being under twelve, I’m sure you can imagine how ‘full-on’ it got at times. Nevertheless, we had an amazing time going for walks through the forest and just spending time with everyone.

Walking in Friston Forest

Walking in Friston Forest

Kirana with cousin Zac in Friston Forest

Kirana with cousin Zac in Friston Forest

We arrived back to my mum’s house where we stayed for about three hours before we set off on the hour and a half drive to my dad’s. We only spent two nights there but still managed to squeeze a lot in. We walked along the longest pier in the world, played mini golf, went shopping and played all sorts of games to name a few. We then went back to my mum’s where we are currently and where we will be for the next few days until we leave.

Walking along Southend Pier

Walking along Southend Pier



My good friend Philippa has come down from Yorkshire to visit for a few nights which has been wonderful! It’s always good to see friends after not seeing them for ages, seven years to be exact!

Unfortunately, our next post probably won’t be until we’re in Martinique which will be in a few days time. Fingers crossed they have half-decent internet there!


One thought on “Get Me to The Caribbean Already!

  1. Hello my friend, sounds like u r having an awesome time. Hope your travels on the boat r all smooth sailing. Miss my walking buddy, don’t forget too cross the t’s and dot your i’s.LOL Love Rach xoxoxo

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