Welcome to England…

…It’s a chilly 2˚ and the time is 5:06am. On behalf of the cabin crew and myself, thank you for flying with Qantas.

I’m sure all of you will agree that these words aren’t what you want to hear as your plane pulls into Heathrow airport. Never the less, we grabbed our bags and made our way through the airport in what must’ve been a record breakingly quick time. See, we were the first flight to land so there were no queues and our luggage came out almost straight away. Just how we like it.

Next on the agenda was getting from the airport to my mum’s house. We had hired a car because the bus that runs is a ridiculous £30 per person. So we donned our thickest jumpers and waited to be collected and taken to where our car was waiting. A few minutes later a mini bus covered in green logos and writing pulled up and we frantically loaded our luggage and clambered into the warmth. As we neared our destination, we realised that we were on a completely different bus and that the green logos were for a different company. The driver was kind enough to drive us to the right place which was a massive help.

So we got our car, a VW Jetta, and the cramming began. We had 4 massive suitcases and about 6 pieces of hand luggage that were barely classified as hand luggage and we had to fit it all into a car that is by no means big. Finally, with suitcases taking up seats and bags on our laps, we were off.

We arrived in Brighton at my mum’s house which was lovely. Of course, in true english fashion, the kettle was put on and a nice big cup of tea was brewed. My sisters, Sophie and Becca, then came around to briefly say hi to us all with their children which was lovely. We then felt the jetlag kick in and were all in bed by about four in the afternoon.

Sorry about the lack of photos but we’ve all been too exhausted lately!

We’ll make another post once we’ve done a few more things and got some photos.


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