Bye Bye Bali

So, our time in Bali is up already! The last five days have flown by so quickly, too quickly for our liking. Despite the lack of time, we still have managed to spoil ourselves and gotten our much-needed relaxation and pampering.

One of the highlights of our time in Bali has got to be the food. The food here is amazingly tasty and with the ability to have a massive meal and a drink for about $4, you just can’t go wrong!

All this for $4!

All this for $4!

Also, the people here are all so lovely! Their need to make you feel satisfied is insatiable and their attention to detail is amazing. It’s little things like this that make your stay more enjoyable and leaves you wanting to return.

Then of course there is the shopping. Anyone that has been, wants to be or is in Bali, has shopping on their mind. There are so many amazing pieces of clothing and jewelry for so cheap that it’s almost impossible not to buy something. Luckily we’re going on a boat and our suitcases are too full as it is!

At the other end of the spectrum, there’s the typical Bintang singlets, fake shiny watches that discolour to an ugly brown within a week and copy Billabong thongs that actually read “Ballibong”. Despite these oddities, you still have to bargain them from a price that is obscenely high down to a few dollars (thankfully being able to speak the language is a huge help!)

Some genuine Ballibong thongs

Some genuine Ballibong thongs

Along with relaxing and spoiling ourselves, another reason to come to Bali was so that Jaye and Kirana could see their Dad before we set off half way around the world. Thankfully, in the five short days we have had here, Jaye and Kirana have been able to see him a few times which has been great.

Risa, Jaye and Kirana

Risa, Jaye and Kirana

On other news, our house has finally been settled, so, it’s all official now. The house is theirs, the boat is ours and we’re on our way to England.

For once everything is going to plan!

We’ll keep you updated on what’s happening once we’re in England.

Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bali

  1. Hi all! I will be following your adventure. We miss you already. Kiranna please don’t change too much until I see you again. I didn’t get a hug before you left!!!! You look so gorgeous in that photo with your Dad & Jaye. Wow! Have fun. Love Barbie xxxxx

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