At Last!

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts so far but it has been so hectic so I just haven’t had time.

After all the frustration and coming so close to selling our house a few times, we are finally out of the house! We have had to be so ruthless about what we want to store, throw out or take with us. Now, we are by no means new at moving houses, we have moved house about eight times in the last ten years, but this is on another level. Having to fit everything we want to keep for when we come back in a room about 2m x 3m is no easy feat. Then to have to pack 18 months of your life into a suitcase no heavier than 20kg just adds to the frustration! After many arguments about what we should keep and what we should throw away, we finally have an empty house, 20kg suitcases and some hand luggage.

Fitting 18 months of your life into this is quite hard

Fitting 18 months of your life into this is quite hard

Naturally, after scrubbing our house to a level of cleanliness that it hasn’t seen for years, we were reluctant to go inside. But thankfully, we have some great friends and we were able to stay at one of their houses for two nights (big shout out to Alex & Alex!)

At last it felt like everything had fallen into place! The new owners were to settle on Thursday, the kids and I were to fly out on Friday and we would soon be on our boat which is waiting patiently in Martinique for us.

Of course, everything was travelling way too smoothly, so, the bank decided to chime in and wreak havoc. The problem was that some paper work was not up to scratch from the new owners so the settlement was moved to Friday. I bet you’re all thinking, “that’s alright, its only an extra day. Come Friday they’ll be celebrating.” That’s what we thought to, but no.

Come Friday, the bank reared its ugly head once again to wreak havoc with the same issue, forcing the new owners to change the settlement to Monday. So now we’re holding our breath till Monday afternoon when we can hopefully pop the champagne.

Despite all the negativity, we did celebrate Kirana’s 16th birthday three days ago which was pretty special. It was nothing flash but it gave us a bit of a reason to relax for just a day which was just what the doctor ordered!

16 already!

16 already!

We will keep you updated on the situation and hopefully, come Monday, we will be the proud owners of a beautiful Lagoon 440 and our house will be in the hands of its new owners.


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