And We’re Off

Finally after months of hard work we’re off! The kids and I are now in Bali while Markus is still back at home tidying up the loose ends (poor thing!)

There is already so much to share since our last post already!

First is our experience with the airport. So, we get to the airport with about two and a half hours to spare which is quite an achievement for me, I’m sure anyone that knows me will agree. Everything was going well until the time came to check our bags in. Now, we suspected our bags would be a bit over but we were hoping we’d be able to use some of our charm to get our bags through without paying extra fees. The lady, however, was having none of it and probably rightly so. We had a limit of 80kg and our bags all up were about 18kgs too heavy.

Right, so we took our bags back and began to take out anything that would hopefully bring us under the 80kg mark. We donned our thickest t-shirts and jeans, tied all sorts of jumpers around our waists, wore two pairs of socks and filled our hand luggage with anything that would fit. By the time we came back to the counter (to be served by a different lady to our delight) we were looking like we were off to Antarctica not Bali, but eventually, the lady at the counter let us off even though we were still 3kgs over.

Finally we could relax! A few of Kir’s friends had caught the train to the Airport to see us off which was lovely. However, after a lot of photos, hugs and what seemed to be an endless stream of tears, the time came to say bye.

Kirana and her friends who came to say bye at the airport

Kirana and her friends who came to say bye at the airport

Finally the time came to say goodbye to one of Kirana's best friends

Finally the time came to say goodbye to one of Kirana’s best friends

From then on everything went very smoothly and we had a great flight. The hotel is gorgeous and the kids are loving it which is always a good thing.

Now the only thing that is still heavily weighing on our minds is the wait till Monday to see if the new owners can finally settle into the house. We’ll keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “And We’re Off

  1. That’s great amber. So glad you finally away and starting the adventure. Love the blog. Looking forward to following it. P.s DVD brilliant. Perfect length and no fuss 🙂 so glad I caught you before you left to get it. Enjoy the travels and stay safe. Nat

  2. Hey Amber! Am already missing waving madly at each other when we pass on The Ridge, and Xav’s tap tap tap at the door. The street is empty without you guys! Travel safely and we’ll keep checking the blog (& filling you in on all the exciting times we’re having in the Burgh!). XX Gina

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