It Begins!

Firstly I’d like to say, welcome! This is our first post and we have so much to share already. Our house is sold, the kid’s schooling is happening, the boat is ours and flights are being organised.

Somehow, our already massive to-do list seems to be getting longer and longer each day and I’m sure it will continue to do so, right until the end.

Here are just a few points on the list:

  • Sell furniture
  • Organise storage
  • Sell cars
  • Book flights
  • Prepare house for new owners
  • Find a new house for the dog
  • Pack

Saying that we have a hectic few weeks ahead of us is quite an understatement!

Despite having so much still to do, we have managed to do away with some of the larger problems.

First and foremost was our house. The whole trip hinged on the selling of our house. Sell it too early and we wouldn’t have anywhere to live. Sell it too late and we’d miss out on the boat we were negotiating to buy. Don’t sell it at all and say bye to the whole trip! As you can probably tell, the last month or two has been ridiculously stressful and frustrating. We came so close to selling our house twice only to have the buyers pull out, but finally we have a buyer. Who says there’s no such thing as “third time lucky!”


At last!

Secondly was Xav and Kir’s home schooling. Xav has gone back to school until we go but Kir has already started her home schooling and all I can say is, thank god I’m not a teacher! Now, I am by no means an organised person, so, trying to organise schooling that I can barely even do myself is a serious challenge in itself. I’m hoping that with time, they won’t have to be hassled to do their work as much and that the thought of having to repeat a year at school will be enough of an incentive (I can dream can’t I?).

The schooling starts

The home schooling starts

Hopefully you enjoyed our first post as much as we enjoyed writing it!


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